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Welcome to Bethel Cycle Works. The aim of Bethel Cycle Works is for cyclists of all abilities to feel comfortable and confident.  We provide a family friendly and reassuring environment where you can find the very best bikes and accessories, plus expert advice. Each of our suppliers is hand-picked and we only work with brands that we truly believe in. Bethel Cycle Works doesn't just offer products and maintenance, but a range of peripheral activities and support, such as classes, group rides, social evenings, talks and events.




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There is a lot of misinformation and many myths concerning bike sizing and fit.  Often these descriptions become intertwined, but they are completely different.  Fitting a bicycle starts best with the right size bike; or at least at minimum a bike that is close enough to your right size.  A proper sized bike lends itself to a good fitting. 

All good bike fits come down to contact points.  You have five of them.  Right and left foot, right and left hand, and the pelvis.  A good bike fit is one where you no longer notice the bike and focus on the business of riding.  In order for this to happen the five connection points need to be in the correct position and then fine tuned and dialed in.  

There is no universal method for fitting a bicycle to a rider, but there is good theory that tends to agree on most things.  Proper training, education and fit bikes help fitters do their job consistently well.  Bicycle fitting is a subject that most people find mysterious. Charts, fitting systems, measuring systems, and “rules of thumb” make for a lot of confusion.  Fitting is a compromise.  It is a compromise between performance, comfort, and handling.  

Bike fitting is dynamic.  What you feel on the bike is just as important as what a fitter may observe.  Only you know how you feel.  What may look good to the fitter may not feel good to you.  It should be like the eye doctor.  Patient and doctor working together; good, better, best to arrive at the “perfect position”.  The feedback is important information.  It is the fitter's job to articulate what you are feeling.  

Many people claim they can do a bike fit and many people claim to be experts.  Nothing replaces a good education and experience.  Technology and tools are great tools.  And just that!  They can assist the fitter and offer up more information and talking points, but they are no replacement for a good eye and experience. 

Our lead bike fitter has been involved in the cycling industry for many years and has been fitting bikes since 2005.  Their bike fitting experience, knowledge, and understanding of how bike and rider integrate and relate to each other means an unparalleled fit.  We do use a sophisticated 3D imaging system by Retul to record data and observe rider feedback to fine tune adjustments.  We can record before, during, and after data for analysis.  It is a important aspect for the customer to be able to view their position and pedaling dynamics.  Retul is a great tool and paired with the good judgment of our trained fitter assures the rider an optimized position for their needs.  


Comprehensive and detailed Bike Fitting service for Existing Road or Tri Bikes.  $300 Allow 1.5-2 hours

  • Interview
  • Physical evaluation and functional movement screening
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Retul motion capture system
  • Computrainer/PowerBeam to analyze power output
  • Fit analysis report for bike set up and optimal riding position


Sizing to find correct size frame when buying your new bike


Choosing the correct size frame when buying your new bike is critical for a proper cycling position, comfort and performance.  A sizing helps make this decision much easier and gives you a better idea of your correct bike set up.  We will be able to provide a recommendation for the best frame size based on stack and reach.  

A sizing is not as thorough as a full fit appointment.  You will not leave with fit coordinates.  


Fitting Prior to Bike Purchase

$300 Allow 1-1.5 hours

Using Retul Motion Capture and the Exit Cycle Fit Bike we can determine which frame size and manufacturer is more suitable for you.  This Exit Cycle is a micro adjustable fitting machine to determine your optimum riding position.  The data is collected and placed into our computer software.  We then determine which bikes are suitable for you.  This process gives you the ability to go into any bike shop with fit data and buy the correct bike of your needs.  It takes the guess work out of choosing a bike.

  • Interview
  • Physical evaluation and functional movement screening
  • Assessment on the Exit Cycle Fit Bike
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Retul Motion Capture System
  • Computrainer to analyze pedal stroke and power output
  • Fit analysis report for bike set up and optimal riding position
  • Fit report includes coordinates and body geometry angles


Shoe and Cleat Set Up  


The most important interface is the pedal and shoe interface.  We will make sure your shoes are adjusted correctly for comfort, performance and injury prevention.  This includes forefoot angles and setting the cleats in the correct position for best performance.  Footbeds may be recommended for the shoe to give more stability, and reduce movement at the foot and ankle during pedaling.  Please bring your bike if you have not already had a bike fit with us as we will evaluate and measure certain aspects of your bike.  


Bike Fitting Follow-up and Hourly Rate  


For check-ups on customers who have already had a fitting, cleat fitting and alignment on new shoes, and anything else we can help with.