BMX Bikes

Bethel Cycle Works is here to help connect you with the right BMX bike whether you are a racer, street rat, or big air master.  There are three different types of BMX bikes.  BMX is a dirt-ready quick handling, race worthy rugged bike that can do everything from around town riding to full on dirt track racing.  Freestyle is a super sturdy stunt and trick bike for the skate parks.  Jump, also known as dirt jumper, are a fusion of BMX and freestyle bikes.  These are great for playing on the local trails to jumping ramps in your friends back yard.

Not sure what BMX type your child wants or the difference between all these different types of BMX bikes?  That's what we are here to explain. If you are not sure what BMX type your child wants, ask us.  We know what's hottest with the kids and what they are riding on and off the track.  Visit the shop and check'em out to see the differences yourself!