Kids Bikes

Cycling is a great way to spend time with your children.  It is also a great way to give them a sense of adventure and independence that will enable them to an incredible amount of fun.  Choosing the right bike for your child will depend on their age and ability.  The biggest difference between choosing a kids and adults bike is how fast the child will grow out of it.  You don't want to buy a bike that is too large.  This will make it difficult for the child to cycle as they won't be able to comfortably reach the bars and pedals.  The best option is to buy the size that is comfortable for the child. 

You have to think about how much you want to spend.  The advantage of spending more is you get better components that are more durable and won't break, and a lighter bike.  Remember, the lighter the bike is, makes a big difference when you weigh so little!  You want to buy the best childrens bike you can.  You want it to have descent components so that it does not need constant attention. 

Toddler Bikes

These bikes are known as runner, balance or strider bikes.  These bikes come without pedals or cranks.  Balance bikes enable your child to scoot along using their feet while figuring out how to reach the handlebars and the basics of balancing. 

Ages 2-10

Children's bike sizes are referenced by wheel size.  Based on age we can suggest a proper wheel size for your child, but it's best to have them test ride a bike to be certain.  The main difference you will find is that as the wheel size increases, so does the wheel base which affects the distance between the saddle and the handlebars.  You don't want a bike to be too long.

Ages 11-15

At this age bikes are comparable to adult bikes.  These bikes will have a good range of gears and at the very least a single front chain ring and wide range cassette at the rear.  Riders age 12 and up are usually big enough to ride a small framed adult mountain bike or extra small frame size road bike. 

We have the best range of kids bike in Fairfield County.  From balance bikes to BMX.  We have a wide selection of well designed girls and boys hybrid and mountain bikes in a variety of sizes from 16" to 24", as well as 43cm Junior Road Bikes, and 26" Cyclocross Bikes for the developing racer.