Weekly Shop Rides

If you would like to ride with some of the friendly Bethel Cycle Works staff or our Liv ambassador, we would be stoked to have you join us!  Rides range from light to moderate, to blow-up-your-legs intense. Our goal is to have fun, challenge you, and cultivate a diverse and passionate riding community! If you are wondering if a ride will be canceled due to weather or trail conditions or whatever, you can check a ride's status on our Ride With Us page. We will update the ride status in the details as soon as we know if a ride will be canceled. If there is no update then the ride is on!

Please join our Bethel Cycle Works Club Facebook group for all upcoming ride details or ask one of our staff in the shop.

Planning on riding with us?

We love having people join us on our shop rides and would appreciate you reading the below information before you do.
Ride safe and see you soon!

All Levels welcome. All store rides are designed to promote the enjoyment of cycling in a friendly and fun group atmosphere.

Bethel Cycle Works ABC Paces
C Group: 20-25 miles at 14-16 mph
B Group: 25-35 miles at 17-19 mph
A Group: 35-45 miles at 20+ mph

Rides require an appropriate bike in good working order, LIGHTS, water, and a helmet. We also suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile!  Many rides are held subject to weather although we do ride in all kinds of weather.  

Our goal is to make every ride as enjoyable and safe as possible.  However, we cannot guarantee anybody’s safety.  We rely on all riders to use proper riding techniques and if you are unsure of proper etiquette or proper technique please ask.  We are here to help!  There are unknown and unforeseen potential hazards in every ride so we do expect all riders to pay attention and take reasonable precautions.  Helmets AND lights are required.  Please also ride within your limitations.  We are not racing the Tour de France.  If we see that you are not riding within your limitations or are becoming a hazard to others we will bring this to your attention nicely 😊. We do this for your and everybody’s safety. 

Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport. Bethel Cycle Works and its representatives are not responsible in any way for any perceived or actual injury before, during, or after group rides.  Please take personal responsibility for your own safety. Helmets are required for all rides. We will ride together in a warm up pace for first 5 miles of all rides.  Obey all traffic laws including stop signs and traffic lights. We wait for all riders caught at stop signs or traffic lights and those who have mechanicals or flats.  Do be courteous and point out obstacles such as cars, potholes or debris.  Drafting is encouraged but be careful! Do not overlap the wheel in front of you. DO NOT 'HALF-WHEEL' IF YOU ARE RIDING SIDE BY SIDE ON THE FRONT!  Keep a hand on your rear brake at all times. Watch out ahead of you. Avoid sudden moves left and right and sudden braking or acceleration. NEVER INTERACT WITH OR CONFRONT MOTORISTS. No rider will be intentionally left behind.  Ride leaders reserve the right to dismiss or not allow riders that display unsafe or dangerous behavior, demonstrate poor bicycle handling skills, or are utilizing faulty/unsafe equipment.