Ride Like a Girl


What does it mean to ‘Ride like a Girl?’

To these ladies it’s getting together to ride for a couple hours away from work, kids, significant others and the house to cut loose with a group of friends.

Finding your mountain biking BFF isn’t always easy, especially when you first start out. Many of us initially get into mountain biking when a guy introduces us to the sport, and though guys can be fun to ride with, there’s just a different vibe when it comes to women who mountain bike.

(And let’s face it, guys — not unlike your bike — often come in and out of our lives. But mountain biking girlfriends? Those are FOREVER.).

Ride Like A Girl is designed to be a resource for any woman looking to better themselves, find support from other women, have fun, and meet new friends. Whether you are new to the sport of MTB, already ride the trails, or want to compete, this is your go-to group for all things mountain bike. This group is developed by female cyclists to create a gathering place for the local women's cycling community – Ride Like a Girl provides a platform for you to meet other women to ride, the resources to improve your skills, and even try out a race or two if you want.

So, if you are looking for something that can test your limits and endurance, and give you some of the best times of your life, beautiful scenery, and friendships that are inspirational and supportive, then join us and ‘Ride like a girl.’

And yes boys, we love to ride with our favorite guy; especially when we can show you a new trail or when you choose the wrong line and we choose the right one and keep pedaling on by, pretending like we don’t notice, but not on these rides. We call those date nights!